DRVHOA Resources

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  • Fences

    • Q: Does the HOA maintain fences for single family homes?

    • A: No, fence maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. Generally, on a shared fence, each owner of the shared fence maintains their side of the fence for things like staining and plank replacement. Often, the owners split the cost of replacing shared items like the post and top boards or fence replacement.

    • Q:I'm repainting my fence. What paint should I use?

    • A: Sherwin-Williams, Keystone Gray (7504), Exterior House Stain, Solid or the equivalent.

  • "The Little Park" (Bounded by Dakota, Pierre, and Winegate)

    • Q: How do I reserve "The Little Park" play area and/or shelter?

    • A: The Little Park is owned and maintained by a different HOA -- Dakota Ridge North. Please contact that HOA for more information: https://www.creeksidecam.com/dakotaridgenorth

  • Noise

    • Q: My neighbor is being really noisy and won't hold it down after I've discussed it with them. What can I do?

    • A: The DRVHOA doesn't handle noise complaints. If you can't work it out with your neighbor, you can call the City of Boulder at 303-441-3239.

  • Property Management

    • Q: I'm having an issue with my Dakota Ridge Other HOA (not Dakota Ridge Village HOA) property management company not responding to my requests. Can I contact the DRVHOA for help?

    • A: The DRV HOA is not responsible for other HOA property management companies. Please contact your other HOA for help.

  • Street and Alley Snow Removal

    • Q: Why aren't the streets and alleys in Dakota Ridge plowed by any of the the HOAs?

    • A: The streets and alleys in Dakota Ridge are maintained by the City of Boulder. Please contact the city for any questions or safety concerns.